Our Philosophy

Inspired by the successes and motivated by our failures in business over 25 years and having faced many challenges, the founders of TBIA believe that there is a need to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in their journey to success.

The global economic environment is changing rapidly and the need for entrepreneurs and job creation, particularly in Africa, is more critical than ever before. Having an entrepreneurial spirit and working hard is a great but does not necessarily give you the skills and experience to successfully create and sustain a successful business.

Sometimes it is necessary to STOP, take one step back and REVIEW your current situation or business model and take steps to implement a new PLAN.

Our experienced, versatile and adaptable entrepreneurs and coaches will help you;

  • Carefully study your business and your vision for it.
  • Set financial, short-term and long-term goals.
  • Develop strategies to meet your goals.

We truly believe that by empowering the entrepreneur or small business owner in the different aspects of business will lead to empowerment of those around them. TBIA will empower you to create , grow and sustain your business and your dreams.